24 June 2008

The Fall

Due to some recent developments involving people moving away and/or dating other people, I can see a lot of nights at home in my future. So I think it's time to take the blog off the backburner and put it... well, not on a front burner, but maybe one of those cozy middle ones.

Which brings us to The Fall. As I've occasionally mentioned it to people, I've noticed that most haven't even heard of it. Time to fix that! The story revolves around a crippled stunt man telling an epic fable to a little Romanian girl. The resulting imagery is some of the most stunning art I've ever seen on screen.

A small taste.
And I'm not exaggerating! You'll see stuff you've never imagined, and it's all done without computer graphics. That said, DO NOT watch the trailer! Let yourself be surprised. I hope people get the chance to see the movie, because it doesn't disappoint.

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