11 March 2008

Posters Reloaded

While we're on the subject of posters, here are some recent ones that I've had my eye on.

First up is Penelope, who has an ugly nose and less ugly posters. The one on the left is the French poster for the movie. It's probably no coincidence that it's a total throwback to Amélie.

Is it too early to get excited for the next James Bond adventure? Did I hear a yes? Well, just get excited for the poster then. And I think this German Iron Man poster is better than any of the American ones.

These are just amazing! On the right is Forgetting Sarah Marshall, from the crew that brought us some of TVs best and shortest lived sitcoms. On the left is a Sundance film called The Wackness. I'll go out on a limb and say it's the first time Mary-Kate Olsen and Method Man have appeared in the same film.

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