02 April 2008

Dawn of the Posters

Time for another round of posters... Some of these are just so amazing. Also, from now on I'm gonna try to track down the designers for these, because I think they deserve more credit for their work.

First up is the visual acid trip category. This poster for My Blueberry Nights (by Indika Entertainment Advertising) is on the sparkly, highly-saturated bandwagon. Blueberry Nights is full of A-listers, including Norah Jones, but I have to say the movie looks pretty boring. At least the poster has something going for it.

I don't quite know how to describe The Fall, but boring it is not. This is the latest dreamscape by the director of The Cell. The poster (by The Arterie) reminds me of something Salvador Dali would have done - like it or not, it stays with you.

Up next is the best of the West. These both have a sort of gritty and over-exposed feel to them. Don't let the posters fool you, though - neither film is a Western in the strictest sense. Sukiyaki Western Django is an artsy Japanese take on the genre (think The Ring meets 3:10 to Yuma meets Pulp Fiction). There's nothing revolutionary going on with the poster, but it's very well put-together.

Surveillance, meanwhile, is a rough looking thriller directed by David Lynch's daughter, Jennifer. The rotoscoped look isn't too common with posters like this, and I think the type work adds to the freshness of it.

These last two are so simple but they still manage to instantly grab you. The X-Files 2 poster (by BLT) made it on here just for creativity (even though it completely defies the laws of physics).

This poster for Funny Games is my favorite of the bunch. It was designed by Crew Creative, which also seems to have the coolest portfolio of the bunch. The concept is so simple, but it has emotion. The positioning of the type is genius! Well done all around.

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